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The AssociationMagnet Product Family

From national associations to local and regional organizations, AssociationMagnet is built to accommodate any size, type, and set of needs a forward-thinking association may need to address.

  • Robust website enhances value offering to association members.
  • Automation features save hundreds of man-hours.
  • Membership attraction and retention tools.
  • Volunteer recruitment tools.
  • Affordability! Tiered licensing for smaller associations.
  • One database, multiple websites. Allows your association to develop into multiple geographical, affinity, and interest-based subcommunities.
  • Each node becomes another avenue from which to engage your members and potential members.
  • A robust solution for large member-based associations. Builds next-generation, multi-faceted online associations.
  • Allows the association managers and administrators to leverage your local members and their efforts.
  • Nodes can be built for internal purposes, such as running association-sponsored events, creating professional directories, creating content portals, etc.
"Our operations have been streamlined, membership renewals are stronger than they've ever been before, and we're now able to spread out content management and article creation among all our officers. Our team has had accolades galore from our Board of Directors and from our association's members as a direct result of our transition to The Magnet."
Leon Deshbrow, Vice President of the Chase Alumni Association

"In less than a year on the Magnet we have more than doubled our paid membership. This technology allows us to not only grow, but also improve the value proposition to our Alumni members."
Alan Schlaifer, President, The Wharton Club of DC

"The Magnet handles the tedious admin stuff so our volunteers can focus their efforts on creating new events. Web changes are easier and member communications are faster!"
Peter Boyd, Co-President, The Columbia Business School Club of NY

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